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N G Shopfront Systems take on the responsibility of Main Contractor including:

  • Plan, manage, monitor and coordinate the entire installation phase
  • Take account of the health and safety risks to everyone affected by the work (including members of the public), in planning and managing the measures needed to control them
  • Liaise with the client and architect for the duration of the project to ensure that all risks are effectively managed
  • Have ongoing arrangements in place for managing health and safety throughout the installation
  • Consult and engage with workers about their health, safety and welfare
  • Ensure suitable welfare facilities are provided from the start and maintained throughout the installation
  • Check that our employees have the skills, knowledge, experience and, where relevant, the organisational capability to carry out their work safely and without risk to health
  • Ensure all workers have site-specific inductions and any further information and training they need
  • Liaise with the architect to share any information relevant to the project regarding any applicable changes that may affect the completion 

Shop Front Styles Portfolio

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Through a design drawing and prototype service, we have undertaken various bespoke items. For example, during the last year, we have undertaken such items...

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Curtain Walling

A curtain wall system is an outer covering of a building in which the outer walls are non-structural.  As the curtain wall is non-structural...

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Flushed Glazed

Flush Glazed is glazing in which glass is set in a channel, which may be formed by a rebate and stops, in a frame. ...

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Structural Glazing

Structural Glazing is a system of bonding glass to a building’s structural framing members utilising a high strength, high performance silicone sealant specifically designed...

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Fire Rated

N G Shopfront Systems have been designing and manufacturing quality fire resistant glazed doors and windows for over 6 years. All of our doors,...

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Entrance Screens

Shop entrances and lobbies can be formed in various styles from basic Roller Shutters through to Automatic Swing/Sliding Door. All doors can be purpose...


Alan Masters


D G Professional Interiors

I have been dealing with N G Shopfront Systems for over six years. This ranges from the supply of aluminium through to the manufacture and installation of various shopfronts throughout the country. I would have no hesitation in recommending them.